Love Japan?

So do I. But not the Japan that usually comes to mind. 

My name is Brandon Chin. I'm based in Fukuoka, Japan. And I write novels about Japanese culture as I live it. 

I love the mundane, everyday, raw Japan. And I've experienced it for 5 years now.

My mission is to connect you with this "raw" Japan I've come to know and appreciate. 

You can connect to Japan from your home. Just start with dropping your best email address into the box below. 

Publications I've been featured in:

Japan Countryside Tour

Travel to Japan in true luxury: a slow custom-made tour in the countryside focused on wellness.
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Raw Japan Box

Taste Japan through monthly books, food & art, pop culture, and interviews with local Japanese people.
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Raw Japan Community

Live conversations with local Japanese people every week.
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Fiction Book

Love Japanese culture and questions of human nature? This Asian myth/thriller series is for you.
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Nonfiction Book

The future of healthcare is in your hands. Are you ready?
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